The Merkur Primskovo Project – Green Energy

The construction of the Merkur Primskovo solar power plant was implemented in 2012. The MFE Merkur solar power plant has the power of 408 kWp, supplying 136 households.

The construction of the solar power plant on the Merkur Primskovo shopping mall owned by MERKUR nepremičnine, d.d., is a part of the energy renewal package together with the replacement of the lighting which saves more than 30%; the solar power plant is an example of integration onto the roof of a shopping centre. In the broader sense, the solar power plant is a part of a cooperation between Gorenjske elektrarne and Merkur, whose common vision is to cooperate in the area of renewable energy sources and efficient use of energy on co-generation, solar power plant and lighting renovation projects.
MERKUR nepremičnine d.d. has agreed with Gorenjske elektrarne to launch a new green project called ‘Internal Connection of the MFE Merkur Primskovo Solar Power Plant and the Installation of Electric Charging Stations’. The facility alone will generate over 60% of the needed electrical energy, while the rest will be supplied from green resources (hydro station). The goal of the project is to save on network charges due to the internal connection of the solar power plant; another added value will be the installation of quick electric charging stations for cars at the Merkur Primskovo shopping mall. As part of the first phase, we have decided to install two charging stations to promote the charging of vehicles with green energy. The charging stations will be installed at the current parking area of the Merkur Primskovo shopping centre in the beginning of November; the stations will be properly marked, enabling users to immediately find them.

The charging station will be equipped with a quick charge system, which can charge up to 80% of the battery in 30 minutes. Such a time component is optimal considering the time visitors spend shopping at the Merkur shopping centre.


the route of cable leading to the charging station

the location of the charging station (red circle), the shape of the charging station



The aim of such an installation is to promote the cooperation between the companies (GE and Merkur) in the area of green energy, its use in the business sphere (a sales product on Merkur’s shelves), environmental effects of CO2 mitigation by using e-vehicles, and the use of electrical energy generated exclusively from green energy for charging e-vehicles.

The web portal is very convenient for this purpose; here, the charging station could be advertised as:

  • Quick charge (30 minutes)
  • Green energy
  • Operates 24/7
  • Free charging


the map of charging stations in Slovenia and abroad (source: