MERKUR nepremičnine, d.d., a company that always offers optimal facility management solutions.

Business activity of MERKUR nepremičnine, d.d.

MERKUR nepremičnine, d.d., is a contractual manager of all 23 retail and all logistic capacities of Merkur trgovina, d.d. We also manage other facilities in Slovenia. To be successful at this, we work with our in-house engineers and subcontractors to ensure optimal working conditions in our retail, logistical and office capacities.

The principal activities of Merkur nepremičnine d.d.:

  • The sale of own business premises in accordance with the plan anticipated in the financial restructuring plan.
  • The lease of own vacant business premises.
  • Facility management.

Facility management encompasses cleaning the facilities, keeping tidy the outdoor areas, technical maintenance of the facilities and the supply of all necessary energy products.

MERKUR nepremičnine, d.d., owns the following shopping centres or real estate:


Shopping centres:
TC Primskovo Kranj, Cesta Staneta Žagarja 67, 4000 Kranj
TC Mojster Naklo, Cesta na Okroglo 8, 4202 Naklo
TC Ljubljana Vič, Gerbičeva 101, 1000 Ljubljana
TC Jesenice, Spodnji Plavž 3B, 4270 Jesenice
TC Mojster Koper, Šmarska cesta 2, 5000 Koper-Capodistria

Offices, warehouses:
Slovenj Gradec warehouse
Naklo Busineess warehouse complex

Land at Oldhamska Kranj

Other facilities:
Pivka na Krasu Facility, Snežniška 2, 6257 Pivka na Krasu
Velenje Business premises

The shopping centres, warehouse premises in Naklo and a part of the office premises in Naklo are leased out to MERKUR trgovina, d.d. The company has already concluded contracts with lessees for a part of another real estate, while some capacities are vacant and available to external lessees at a competitive rent.