The discussed business complex is located in the area which on its north borders with a highway, on its southwest with the Šmarska road and on its west with the street Ulica 15. maja. The described neighborhood is intended for business activities.

TC Merkur store is a part of this complex, together with its canopies for storage and material issuance. The building (ground floor + 1st floor) is made of reinforced concrete with prefabricated reinforced concrete facade elements. The canopy structure is steel with a sheet roof and façade.

Next to the store, there is also an old residential house, which was renovated and reconstructed into a business building.

All mentioned buildings lay on a surface of 8,158 m2 and they are equipped with municipal infrastructure, connected to each other with a well arranged outdoor surface and parking lots. Facilities have 2.959 m2 of usable area.