TC Merkur Vič, at the address Gerbičeva 101, Ljubljana, together with the accompanying infrastructure, spreads at 17,869 m2 of surface located in the city area Ljubljana – Vič, along the road Cesta v mestni log, accessible through Tbilijska or Gerbičeva Streets. Facilities have 7.487 m2 of usable area.

TC Vič includes the following buildings:

Sales area: The store premises (ground floor + 1st floor) were built in 1968 and exhaustively adapted in 1998. Load-bearing structure is AB prefabricated, while a façade and roof are made of trapezius sheets.

Canopy: Steel canopy at the southern side of the store was set in 1998 and it serves as a reception storage for goods issuance. Roofing is set of corrugated sheets.

Storage and storage hall IGO: The storage is placed next to the southern side of the store with a canopy. The facility is physically disconnected from the store with an internal circular road. The facility (ground floor + mezzanine) stands on an AB structure with a sheet roofing and façade. The facility is heated.