TC Merkur Jesenice, at the address Spodnji plavž 4, Jesenice, is located in the city area Jesenice – Plavž, covering a total surface of 12,789 m2. The mentioned area (Jesenice – Plavž) is prevailed by trade centers, production facilities and storage halls. Facilities have 6.886 m2 of usable area.

The building (ground floor + 1st floor) was, in 1960, initially built as a production and storage facility. The load-bearing structure is made of steel. For changing its intended use into the trading center with its own storage section, the building underwent a comprehensive renovation and refurbishment in 2002 and 2006, while in 2012, a part of the sales premises was reconstructed in order to be leased (Eurospin Eko). Facade and roof is set of insulated sheet panels.