Business and trading complex TC Merkur Naklo, at the address Cesta na Okroglo 8, Naklo, lays on a surface of 16,572 m² located along the Naklo industrial zone, beside the Ljubljana – Jesenice highway, at the Kranj-west exit. Facilities have 6.034 m² of usable area.

In TC Mojster Naklo, the Merkur store rents all the surfaces, reducing additional rent capacities to zero.

TC Merkur Mojster Naklo complex includes the following buildings:

Commercial and management building

The building is built in 1960, based on reinforced concrete (ground floor + 2 floors). In 1993, 2000 and 2005, the building underwent refurbishment and adaptation. Refurbished sections of the building are set in a steel structure with a glass façade, while the rest of the façade is composed of alu façade panels combined with stone paneling.


The facility made of steel structure and partly of a classic AB coring is coated with a sheet façade. It was built in 1972, while in 1993 and 2003 it underwent a complete adaptation and completion. The facility has only a ground floor with mezzanine in one of sections. The facility is heated and entirely equipped with installations (it involves office premises for commercial activities in one of its parts).

Rack storage

A steel structure of the facility is entirely intended for storing metallurgic semi-products on racks. The façade is made of sheet. The facility is equipped with electric installations and telephone. The storage is not heated.